Welcome to Palermo

The most conquered city in the world 

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Practical info

Attention all travelers! I am giving you all the information that anyone would need before setting off for beautiful Sicily, and even some helpful tips after you have arrived.

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Free self-guided walking tours

I’ll list the four best free self-guided walking tours that helps you Experience the best of Palermo. Follow them and you will not have to wonder if you have missed something crucial.

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Other things you might like


Have a party streak in you? You will be delighted to learn that when the lights go down in Palermo, the city comes alive in a legendary fashion. While Sicilians might be known for a few key flaws, we do know our beer.

Districts of Palermo

Politeama and Mondello are just a couple must-see neighborhoods tourists should check out while visiting Palermo. Here are the main 12 neighborhoods in the Sicilian regional capital. 

Places Around Palermo

It wouldn’t be surprising for you want to move to the Sicily for the rest of your life once you realized all of the amazing sites that it has to offer. I can give you a list of the must-do trips around Palermo.

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Christmas Makets in Palermo

Christmas Markets in Palermo

In my article today, I’m gonna tell you about the Christmas markets in Palermo. They’re just not what they used to be but you can still find small markets scattered here and there throughout the city.

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