Many of the most interesting and historical regions of all Italy is to be found on the Isle of Sicily. The capital, Palermo, is not only a beautiful city to explore, but you’ll learn something of Palermo’s rich history as well.

tano bongiorno majorWe Are Palermo is your new, somewhat different travel guide to the city of Palermo. Everything you’ll want or need to learn about Palermo and getting around the city is there for you.

I started this website up in 2016 to help visitors find their way about in Palermo, as well as to make your visit more pleasurable and memorable.

Most tourist guides describe all the ready-to-sell packages of your typical information about the city. Usually, a lot of the information in these guides is boring and few tourists have the time or interest to give the guides a careful reading.

Our love and passion for this great city inspired two young Sicilians to show visitors the real Palermo. Like most large cities, Palermo has both strengths as well as weaknesses. We’re sure you’ll really enjoy what we tell visitors is the authentic “Sicilian Experience”.

Everything you read in WeArePalermo has been created and especially written by citizens who live in Palermo and love their city with a passion.

A magical city, a city of contradictions that is nevertheless a warm city, graciously welcoming guests with a motley kaleidoscope of color, sound, and smells.From the local as well as international dining to the exciting and interesting places of culture and history to Palermo’s exciting nightlife.

WeArePalermo can help you find whatever you may be looking for. We go even further by telling you about the best places to stay to the very worst, and so much more.

WeArePalermo is in the process of constantly bringing you new and practical guides, pictures, and little tips to make your visit more rewarding. We recommend tours and general information to make sure that readers will always be kept up to date in what we call the “Sicilian Experience.

“We” is a composite of two impassioned persons who created WeArePalermo. Each of us is a true Sicilian who has spent years abroad working in different countries at different occupations. Now we’re here and feel the need to make our own contribution to the city we call home.

Together, we realized that we all two shared a common rather sad, but stimulating emotion that prompted us to create a web platform. We agreed wholeheartedly that Palermo is a “forgotten city” that so many tourist guide books fail to consider.

We also agreed that the beauty of Palermo deserved to be known throughout the world and tourists who fail to visit here are really missing out on one of the most memorable aspects of a trip to Italy. Researching Palermo on the web, we quickly saw that the little information available was either skimpy, confusing, or simply outdated. It was time for us to step in and do our part.

And since we’re in the profession of web marketing, we’ve put together a travel guide for the real Sicilian experience:

So, who are we?

We are two dedicated Sicilians: Nicola and Francesco. In order to help guide you through We Are Palermo and all of its pages and sections, the personalities of both of the site’s authors have merged into the fictional entity Tano Bongiorno.

Perhaps it might be best if Tano introduces himself to you:

Good day to you all! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Don Tano Bongiorno, and I wear many hats as the creator, author and pseudo-official travel guide behind While you might be thinking that I am nothing more than just an idea that was hatched up in a meeting somewhere, I am far more tangible and real to you than my so-called creators (Frankie and Nico) have ever been.

So, what makes me such a living, breathing benefit to your upcoming travel plans? I am created from the deep-rooted passion and love that both of the site authors have for Palermo.

tano bongiorno sicilian tour guide

My mission is clear, even if it is a hard task: I want you to experience and love this city as much as we Italians do. In order to do this, I am going to give you detailed tour guides of Palermo as well as the entire island of Sicily, so you are never out of the loop on what you could be doing while you are here. I am always available to you via the comment boxes at the bottom of each page, or you can email me at to ask specific questions you can’t find answers to on the website.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!

But before handing the site over to Tano, you may be wondering just who we are, so here’s a brief résumé for each of us:


SMEs Marketing Consultant

When I was 22, I left my home country after graduating with a degree in Economics and Marketing.

I was keen to explore the world and discover new experiences, and I was lucky enough to be able to travel around the globe thanks to my work in the field of marketing and communications for many top companies including Google, Costa Cruises, Sheraton Hotels and Millennium & Copthorne Hotels.

In the many years that I have spent abroad, I have learned a number of things, but one truth stands out above all others: while everyone loves Italy and knows the country well, very few people are familiar with Palermo, and even fewer understand the “real” Palermo.

sicilian nicola barcellona

This truth inspired me to get together with two of my friends and colleagues to raise awareness of this wonderful city. That is how We Are was born – a website that brings together our professionalism and our passion for Palermo together with the mission of raising the city’s status to one of the world’s “must see” destinations.

It’s true, I may be biased… however, if you never come to visit the world’s most conquered city, how will you ever know if I’m right?


SMEs Digital Marketer

I’m a web marketer, designer, and expert in digital communication. I’ve worked for many Italian as well as foreign companies such as Confindustria and Google.

Palermo, however, just as with my colleagues, has such a privileged and unique place in my heart that I felt I had to do something for this beautiful region.

Being able to offer an image of Palermo out into the world is my joy and happiness. It’s a lot of work, of course, but my reward is knowing that more and more web surfers around the entire globe will have access to some real and hopefully, interesting information about our beloved city.

Palermo is a city to be discovered and rediscovered for travelers from all around the world. Palermo, a true oasis for a holiday vacation.

sicilian francesco caruso

We Are Palermo is you

Here is the real essence. We Are Palermo is not my site, nor is it yours. We Are Palermo is the portal for Sicilians and all the tourists who have visited our city and for those who plan to come.

Suggestions, news items, pictures or anything you think might enrich this website and help to improve the image of Palermo will be more than welcome.

So rather than try to have two different persons writing or editing this site, we chose to become the local and friendly Sicilian we call Tano.

For any contact, just send an email to Tano at and I, Tano, your host and guide, will be here to answer. Grazie!
So, what makes me such a living, breathing benefit to your upcoming travel plans? I am created from the deep-rooted passion and love that both of the site authors have for Palermo.

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A Quick Stroll Through Palermo (+Map)