Going to Sicily? Get insider tips from Nico Barcellona

Ciao! Coming to Sicily and seeking information on Palermo for an authentic Sicilian experience?

Here it is! You’ve found me. I’m your guy.

I am Nico, 100% pure-bred Sicilian. If you prick my veins, ricotta cheese flows out.

I am the founder of wearepalermo.com, an honest and unconventional travel guide to Palermo. Our information comes from REAL Sicilians who know Palermo backwards from their own life experience.

Why is this guide so different and unconventional?

Because here I get to the meat of what visitors need with no BS on the sideYou’ll never see pictures of my backside at sunset with quotes or 24-minute videos showing how cool I am without telling you anything useful.

Here, YOU are the protagonist of this “journey of transformation.” I’ll turn you into a real Sicilian.

Follow me and I promise you will get around Palermo as if you had lived there for 30 years.

1. You will eat where we locals eat and avoid crappy touristy places.

2. You will do what we Sicilians do and visit only the attractions that really matter without wasting time on nonsense.

3. You will learn about our way of life and our history through entertaining stories without being buried alive under dull dates and facts.

If you’re wondering who the heck I am.

I am not the mayor, nor is the mayor paying me (unfortunately). I am not even a tour guide or a wannabe YouTuber who recycles other wannabe YouTubers’ information.

I describe myself as a Sicilian storyteller madly in love with my city, Palermo, and an extensive traveler exactly like you. I translate the chaos I see every day in this fantastic and beautifully disorganized city into a comprehensible narrative for visitors.

No architecture sermons or heavy history lessons here. I just share insider tips, secrets, and especially stories. So… ready for an authentic Sicilian experience?