Local’s Autumn Guide to Palermo

In this article, I’m gonna share all my tips for making the most of your autumn trip – from the weather, to events, food, and more. By the end, you’ll be an expert on experiencing the real Palermo like a true local. Ciao! It’s your good amico Nico here, and I’ve got a spicy secret … Read more

Renting a Car in Palermo: Tips & Advice from a Local Sicilian

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20 Tips for your Trip to Palermo from the Locals

tips from locals

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Historic Palermo Street Markets

historic palermo street markets

The ancient city of Palermo today still boasts four storied street markets which are Capo, Ballarò, Vucciria and Borgo Vecchio. Ciao amico/a! Nico here, your go-to Sicilian guide to the hidden treasures of Palermo—the stuff those guide books rarely talk about. Today, we’re diving deep into the beating heart of our city—the four ancient markets … Read more

The Feast of Saint Rosalia

santa rosalia festinu

Saint Rosalia, also called “La Santuzza” in Sicily, is the patron saint of Palermo. Here I’ll tell you a concise biography of Santa Rosalia and what is the “festinu” (feast of Saint Rosalia). Nico here, your resident Palermo storyteller, ready to take you on a whirlwind journey through the incredible Feast of Saint Rosalia. Buckle up … Read more

Five Mistakes that can Screw Up your Trip to Sicily

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