Getting to Palermo from the Falcone Borsellino Airport and back again

In this article I’ll explain exactly how to get From Palermo Airport Falcone Borsellino to the center of Palermo and how to get back again once your vacation is over. (Consider extending your stay a little longer. You can’t go wrong)

Getting to Palermo from the Falcone Borsellino Airport

Buongiorno my dear friends, it is I, Nico, once more.

Today I wanted to take a moment to to share with you all the transport options that you have for getting into the centre of Palermo from the Falcone and Borsellino (known also as Punta Raisi) airport and how to get back again once your vacation is over.

With so many tourist guides out there and so much mistaken information, dated information and missing information, I’ve made it my old-timer career to be your semi-official guide to my bella Palermo and to help you solve all the puzzles and riddles you’re likely to encounter.

I love Palermo above all the cities I’ve visited during my lifetime but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, especially as far as making life easier for tourists.

I think I’ve been asked one question about a zillion or two times by visitors planning to fly into Palermo.

“What’s the best way to get from the airport to the city and back?”

With this in mind, I decided to devote an entire article to that very subject in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Please don’t take that as an insult to your intelligence. Rather, it’s an insult to the lack of interest exhibited by our city fathers.

For some obscure reason, they don’t seem to understand the value of keeping an important website up-to-date.

You expect to learn the latest goings-on when you visit the official website, but even many tourist websites fail to publish all the latest information.

Laws change, hotels change policies, museums and other attractions change their hours and fees and in addition to these constant changes, all sorts of other changes are constantly being made here and there and that’s partially why I’ve decided to help fill this gap so that your visit can be as enjoyable as possible.

As to traffic laws, unfortunately, most locals consider them suggestions rather than laws.

I’ve produced several short videos that you shouldn’t miss. You’ll find them more informative and informational than most of the other websites devoted to Palermo.

Here below, I’ll list the three major means of transportation that you can use to get from the airport to the town center and back.

Palermo Airport transport options

The three major means of transportation all take the same route from the airport and return you to the airport once the sad day comes when you have to return home.

Allora andiamo!

1. Shuttle Bus Prestia & Comandé

Shuttle Bus from the Airport to Palermo city

This is quite understandably the most popular option for travelers because it‘s the least expensive and it’s quite dependable as well.
Concerning public transportation in Sicily, I don’t believe you’ll ever hear me mention the word efficiency in these articles.

However, most will agree that Prestia & Comandé is equal to public transportation in any large city.

The rest of our public transportation is really a disgrace for a city of our size and tourist business. I felt compelled to write a long jeremiad that you may find informative.

The buses run every 30 minutes in each direction almost 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, the ticket offices do not


Here are three ways for you to purchase tickets:

  • Official sales offices and sales points (One way per person: 6€ – Round trip: 10€)
  • After boarding the shuttle bus (One way per person: 6.30€ – Round trip: 11€)
  • Online at the company website (One way per person: 6.30€ – Round trip: 11€)

When you get tickets at the company office or an authorized reseller, you don’t save a lot of money over the next two ways, but why throw it away?

There are ticket offices at either end of the line and authorized ticket offices scattered all over.

Generally, you can trust this company, the operation, and reliability, but in Palermo, never let your guard down.

When and wherever you go in Sicily it’s always a good idea to carry enough cash to cover daily expenses. A great many establishments, especially the smaller ones and food stalls, don’t know from plastic and only cash talks.

You’ll have to pay for shuttle bus tickets in cash too. Fortunately, there are ATMs everywhere.

You can get your tickets online at the company website, but they’ll cost a bit more. My personal favorite is to pay after boarding the shuttle bus. That costs a few cents more than buying a ticket at an office but you don’t have to worry about finding a ticket seller, etc.


Nico’s Take:

The trip in either direction will likely take at least 45 minutes. For the return to the airport, this is important to remember because you wouldn’t want to miss your flight. Early morning and at night the trip can take as little as 30 minutes, but if you have to be at the airport at a certain hour be sure to allow plenty of time for the ride since traffic is always unpredictable.

2. A Shared Taxi

getting from the airport to Palermo with taxi sharing

Sharing a taxi at the airport isn’t difficult at all, nor is finding one. You don’t have to ask perfect strangers.

Clearly marked signs will guide you to a shared taxi. This ride takes the same route as the other modes of transportation. The shared taxi service is overall reliable.

The cost is 8€ one-way from the airport to the city center. The return to the airport is not the same.

From the city center to the airport, the fare is 10€ and a reservation is required. You’ll have to make the reservation 24 hours in advance. The shared taxi will pick you up wherever you’re staying.

For shared taxi reservations, you can call +39 0918481 or you can text them through WhatsApp +39 3313284403.

A caveat is necessary here, if you don’t get a confirmation within 20 hours, fageddabatit! Go for the shuttle bus.

The shared taxis here are quite common. Consider them as minibusses with flexibility. You don’t have to help find passengers to share the ride. Just get in and relax.


Nico’s Take:

To be dropped off at a bus stop or other destination, you may have to pay a couple of euros more but you get what you want. To share the ride, just get in and relax.

3. Taxi

Taxi from the airport to palermo city

This is the third and least desirable and most expensive ride you can take. You’ll pay at least 45€ plus extra for luggage too.

That’s perhaps not so bad. Bad is that these guys will do everything they can to talk you into entering their cab.

This begins the moment you arrive at the airport. If you really must take a taxi, make sure that you settle on the price ahead before getting in.

You can have the reception at your hotel call for you but the ride plus you’ll have to pay as ordered since there’s no room here for negotiations. And there’s the cost of hauling your luggage.


Nico’s Take:

These guys use everything short of a gun to take your money, so settle any fares and extras before getting into the cab. Once you’ve settled in it’s too late to negotiate anything.

I think I’ve covered just about everything. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know and I’ll try to get right back to you.



PS – Our information page is loaded with helpful information and videos too.

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