Go To Mondello Beach from Palermo without Breaking Your Budget

I wrote this article to help show how you can reach Mondello Beach leaving from Palermo and also some tips on making the most of the time you get to spend there.

Go To Mondello Beach from Palermo

Ciao! It is your full-blooded Sicilian friend Nico here again.

I am not going to use up more of my breath talking about how beautiful or enticing Mondello Beach is, you know about the clear waters and the immaculate beachfront. It is written about in many places.

So, let’s talk about something important: How do you reach the seaside when the Sicilian public transportation system is a serious nightmare?

You have three (and a half – I will explain more later) options to reach Mondello Beach from Palermo. Let’s take a closer look at each of them to see the advantages or drawbacks.

A quick statement before you get into more about Mondello.

At the bottom of this guide, I am sharing a couple paragraphs about a typical day for a local in Mondello and ways that you can avoid messing up your day at the beach. These are truly helpful tips to make a difference on your trip.

Alright, let’s begin.

3 Ways to Reach Mondello Beach from Palermo’s City Center

There are really only about three ways to get from Palermo to Mondello.

I will also include a partial option that might not be the most convenient for those taking longer routes, but it is an alternative, nonetheless.

Let’s take a look at each of these options one-by-one.

#1 – Reaching Mondello via the Bus

go to Mondello with bus
Go to Mondello via bus (Bus Line 806)
  • Cheap
  • Frequent enough in the summer months
  • Service does not run after 10 PM
  • Inconsistent in the spring and fall months
  • Buses can be crowded

The bus line – the 806 – is hands down one of the cheapest methods of reaching Palermo to Mondello. Unfortunately, it is also among the most stressful. During the summer, the buses can get crowded and be overwhelming.

If you did not rent a car, it is the bus or a taxi that will get you there.

Because of the overcrowding in the peak months, even something as basic as scratching your nose becomes a challenge. Know going in that no one is riding the bus because they love it.

Once boarded, you can expect the trip to be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes – depending on the traffic.

This 806-line used to only run between May and October for the summer swimming season, but now, you can find it running all year to shuttle tourists and locals.

This is not going to last forever though. Honestly it seems like any day someone in management could just wake up and decide they no longer wish to have the Mondello line run all year round and it will be seasonal again. I will keep you updated.

It is easy to find and board the bus from the Politeama Theater area, go behind the theater to the Piazza Sturzo. For a one-way ticket, you can expect to spend around 1.40€.


Nico’s Take:

The bus is going to be full at any time of the day. Often, it is so crowded that you might be encouraged to wait for another (less crowded bus) to come. You can avoid the worst of this concentration of riders (usually between 11AM and 2 PM) and return to Palermo after 6:30 in the evening.

#2 – Reach Mondello Beach with a Rented Car

Reach Mondello Beach with a Rented Car
Reach Mondello Beach with a Rented Car
  • Cheap and reliable
  • Only cheap method of returning from Mondello at night
  • Might be a stress to drive in Palermo
  • Finding parking during the summer in Mondello is no easy task

I wrote a full article all about the Sicilian Public Transportation system’s inadequacies in Palermo. For your sake, take a minute and read it over.

In my experienced opinion, it is better to travel the area at your own convenience and leisure with renting a vehicle. You never know when once-consistent public transportation options might be gone for good.

You can get to Mondello in a car in about 15 minutes. It is faster to travel through the Favorita Parkway, as this bypasses the most densely populated and traffic-ridden areas of Palermo.

You might also choose the Addaura Litoral path. This takes a bit longer to reach Mondello, but the views are worth adding some time to your traveling.

Once in Mondello, the hunt begins for parking. There are free parking areas, but these are usually full. You should instead opt for blue-lined areas in convenient areas that require a parking fee.

You can pick up a ticket from a local tobacco store in the area where you are trying to park. Place the ticket on your dashboard so it is visible. Tickets usually cost around 1€ per hour.

It is possible to use an app to buy tickets, but this is challenging or irritating if you do not speak the language or have an Italian phone number.


Nico’s Take:

I will never stop reiterating to everyone how advantageous renting a car is to your trip. If you want to appreciate the summer nightlife of Mondello, and its surrounding areas like Sferracavallo or Addaura, you cannot do it without renting a car. No buses are running at night to take you back and forth when you want.

#3 – Using a Taxi Service to Reach Mondello

taxi services in palermo
Taxi services in Palermo
  • Quick
  • No need to secure parking
  • Costs are high
  • Drivers are reckless
  • You can get conned if you are not careful

Trying to reach the clear waters of Mondello Beach via taxi? Prepare yourself for a bloodbath.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, this is not even on the chart. A simple 15-minute trip during the day is going to cost you a minimum of 25-30€ for one way.

A night ride is going to be even more – and they are so inconsistent with pricing that there is no way of knowing how much a fare will cost until you acquire a ride.

To make matters worse, drivers are notorious for ripping customers off. Most of these drivers are uneducated, crass, and possibly illiterate. That being said, they can still devise dastardly plans to steal from customers. Their schemes might make famous Sicilian thief Lord Count Cagliostro turn in his grave.

If you cannot avoid taking a taxi, you can talk and negotiate the price before entering the vehicle. Also, it might be advisable to follow along with your GPS to know if they are purposefully takin longer routes.


Nico’s Take:

The locals here only use the taxi services when there are no other alternatives, or it is life and death. I would suggest that more than 90% of our locals have never ridden a taxi in Palermo. They are high expensive, for one, and they are always looking for ways to screw you up.

BONUS: Ride an Electric Kick Scooter to Mondello

Ride an Electric Kick Scooter to Mondello
Ride an Electric Kick Scooter to Mondello
  • Work any time you need them
  • You can avoid traffic
  • No pollution
  • Cheap weekly/monthly rental rates
  • You can leave them everywhere
  • Rental rates by minute can be expensive
  • Not ideal for long trips
  • Requires experience – could be dangerous otherwise

If you do not know what I mean, these are stand-up scooters with two small, hard wheels that run with electric motors. These are all over, you can find them on almost all streets and rent them quickly with an app on your phone.

This is a smart and easy way to get around over short distances. In Palermo, many use them to navigate the City Center and beyond, reaching the attractions and monuments with ease.

It is possible to reach farther areas too, like Mondello. It would take around 30-40 minutes on one of these scooters to reach the beach. Another consideration is that it is a little dangerous considering you need to sometimes be on the street where cars are flying past.

I consider myself to be an experienced driver, and I have used these to traverse to Mondello on occasion. It is doable, but a little tiresome. The first 15 minutes are fun, but then it more feels like you are never going to get there.


Nico’s Take:

I use scooters a lot to get around the downtown and city center areas – I love them. It is also a possible option to go as far away as Mondello, but the trip is long and exhausting. Also, don’t do this long trip if you aren’t experienced. I don’t want you to injure yourself.

Getting More Out of Mondello

You are always going to hear me say that information is critical in Palermo, but that applies to outer lying areas like Mondello Beach has well. Without the right guidance and direction, a great vacation could turn sour in a matter of moments.

Not only do you need specific directions about what to do, you need to avoid mistakes that can screw up your entire day spent on the seaside.

I have put together a couple of small paragraphs here that feature some useful tips that you can use to make your entire trip a little better.

3 Helpful Tips to Avoid Ruining Your Mondello Beach Day

I have three tips that should keep you from ruining your day at the beach. If you keep these facts fresh in your mind, you can avoid several unforeseen unpleasantries.

Let’s get started.

1. Avoid the Free Public Area of the Beach

Public beach in Mondello

Mondello has a small free area and mainly a larger paid area to use.

While you might be among the majority that loves to get things for free, I would advise against this because the public area is often crowded, dirty, and features individuals that rarely have the best manners.

Even with the COVID pandemic, there was rarely an instance of social distancing to be seen or experienced.

I would certainly recommend that anyone go to the paid area. They aren’t paying me to endorse the premium beach, it is just the truth. You can get the most out of this purchase.

Everything is dirtier in the public area, not to mention the fact that it is overrun with teens and young adults with annoying toys and athletic equipment invading everyone’s space.

I understand wanting to save where you can, but the private spot you can get with an umbrella and sand bed is only 10-12€ a person.

2. Book a Lido Spot in Advance

As I already mentioned, the free public area of the beach is going to fill quickly. More to the point, the paid areas (lidos) are going to as well. By breakfast time, these reservable spots are all but gone, especially when you are in Mondello on a weekend.

Private beach in Mondello

For your information, the term lido implies a portion of private beach. These areas are filled with spaced out sunbeds and umbrellas that are rentable. You can also purchase food and drinks. Other services for many lidos include bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers.

Mondello has a few of them, and as I’ve said, they are gone quickly. If you want to make sure to get the best spot, you have to make sure you are there before 9 in the morning. Even better, though, you can book a spot in advance.

3. Avoid the Tourist Traps

You can see rather quickly that lidos have food, but to be entirely honest, it is expensive and not that worth it.

There are no shortages of excellent restaurants in Mondello, though. This is especially true if you are looking for authentic Sicilian seafood dishes. You can also hit up some of the cafes for traditional eats like ‘pezzi di rosticceria’ with panini.

A little bit of exploration can also lead you to some of the best ice cream shops in Sicily, let alone Mondello.

Unfortunately, Mondello is also known for several tourist traps offering food I wouldn’t serve to my hungry dog. Don’t enter places without vetting them first, and that can be done with a quick online search.

Or, you can rely on my guide The Sicilian Way, to help you find the absolute best spots in Mondello. This guide also directs you to the best lidos with information about reserving your spots for one.

If you are guideless and without information, have a conversation with the locals. You’ll be surprised at how helpful we can be for tourists looking to have a great time.


Nico’s Take:

Being organized and willing to spend a little more than you planned can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your trip in many circumstances. In Mondello especially, avoid tourist traps that seem to be all over and find the best authentic restaurants and experiences.

Top 5 Things Locals Do in Mondello

There is no mistaking that the obvious draw to Mondello is the beach, but there are some other experiences the locals enjoy as well. As the old adage says: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

Here is how you do that.

1. Spend Their Morning Outside

From the earliest parts of the day, locals hit the sunbeds on the beach for their coveted tans. They might not move again until lunchtime when they start to smell themselves burning.

Want to follow in these steps? You need to get your spot at a paid area early – they are going to fill up fast.

2. Eat Lunch in Any of Countless Restaurants

Eat Lunch in Any of Countless Restaurants
Restaurant in Mondello

After cooking themselves awhile in the sun, it is time to get a bite to eat. Calorie-counting fanatics can find light foods in the cafés, but real meal warriors want the best. They choose sit-down meals at many reputable restaurants.

No matter what side of this fence you land on, there are options. Just vet your choice so you don’t end up in a money-sucking tourist trap.

3. They Enjoy an Artisanal Ice Cream

After the obligatory nap on the beach after lunch, it is time to wake up the brain with some espresso and sweet ice cream.

Artisanal gelato in Modello

Mondello is famous for ice cream shops, but again, be mindful not to end up in a tourist trap. Make sure you research your choices or stick with the locals.

4. Walk Along the Waterfront

Taking a walk along the beachfront eating ice cream is common, but you must be careful not to get your clothes messy. This is a careful act that has taken years to perfect.

With the walk ending, it is time to go home and get a shower before they get ready to head out for the night. Any evening begins with an aperitivo.

5. Getting the Aperitivo

I have spent a lot of time and energy talking about the Italian aperitivo. I devoted articles and videos to it. Let me be brief now, then. Beginning at sunset, bars serve finger foods along with some drinks you might order.

In many locations, there is DJ playing music to start ramping people up for a night of fun out on the town.

Aperitivo in Mondello
Aperitivo in Mondello

This ritual is not one that you should miss. Make sure to put in your research here too or speak to some locals, you don’t want to end up in the wrong spot.


Nico’s Take:

Mondello is much more than a beach. There are things that you can do at all hours of the day. Even beyond its alluring crystal-clear waters, you should not miss the opportunities to enjoy an aperitivo here or eat some hand-crafted artisanal ice cream. Just make sure you find the right spots for authentic experiences.


No doubt I have overloaded you with information again. It is a necessary evil to fully prepare you for a Mondello experience.

Let me take a moment to plug a different article that might interest you about the beautiful beaches near Palermo. Take a look because Mondello is one of many great options in the area that will take your breath away.

Back to this article, though, we talked about several key things. To sum it up without a lengthy recap, let me restress three points:

  1. You need a vehicle. You can get to Mondello from Palermo using the bus or an electric scooter, but there is a certain freedom in having your own mode of travel. There are no buses later at night, so a car can be invaluable.
  2. Taxis are expensive. We do not consider the taxi as an option unless we are dying. They are incredibly expensive and notorious for trying to rip people off when they are unaware.
  3. Ensure you find the right places. Because Mondello is so popular for tourists, traps are everywhere. Don’t enter places randomly without information. Find a reliable guide to help or ask the locals for good advice.

Before we part ways, let me help you by gifting an itinerary that can help you make the most of your Palermo trip. Along with these, you can get a video guide on Palermo that features tips from locals. You cannot find these anywhere else. Best of all, it is FREE. Check it out now!

I would also suggest that interested parties should join the free group on Facebook. This allows those visiting or that have already visited to share their experiences, tips, and stories.

If you have not already done so, check out our tourist information page for lots of great content to help you get started.

I can hope that I have been a help today. I wanted to whet your appetite to see Sicily and maybe this has helped. If you have any questions or concerns, you can have them answered promptly by leaving a comment below this post.

A hug for you all,


PS – If you want to experience the city like you are a real Sicilian, without falling into the money-traps and touristy spots, you should make sure that you check out our guide The Sicilian Way.

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