What To Pack For Your Trip To Sicily

When you are packing for your trip to Sicily, you might not know all of the best things to bring. Here is a packing list of must-haves, and also some helpful tips to blend in with refined Sicilian locals.

What to pack in Palermo
What to Wear in Palermo

Have you ever had that awful feeling of going on a trip without having packed the right things? Or forgotten crucial items that were absolutely necessary to your fun vacation?

I, Nico, will ensure that you do not have that same feeling again when you travel to Sicily.

Before I give you the actual list, I would recommend checking out the Tourist Information page to give you some idea of what might be happening in the area when you are planning to be here.

So, without further ado, let’s get into what to pack for Sicily.

Packing List for Sicily

Below you will find a list of the must bring items that you should be packing. I have neglected to add things that you should already know are must have, such as underwear, socks, and the like.

Here are the must-bring items:

  • Your Photo ID and Passport (be mindful of their expiration dates too)
  • General Hygiene Products: Toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. (most hotels will not have these)
  • Sunglasses/Sun Hat (there are only 4 months a year that you will not need these)
  • Light Scarf (some churches require covered shoulders, and this is a quick fix for that)
  • 2 Pin Electrical Adapter – Round (many hotels will not provide these adapters)
  • Map and Driver’s License [if renting car] (check that your license allows driving in Italy)
  • Portable Cellphone Charger (you might be out from early morning to late at night)
  • Cash [converted to Euros] (many places do not allow credit cards)
  • Health Information Documentation [in Italian] (blood type, allergies, vaccinations, etc.)
  • Copy of Travel Documentation (in the event they are lost or potentially stolen)
  • Walking Guides (print these off because internet might not be readily available)
  • Sunscreen (especially if you are planning to arrive May-September)
  • First Aid For Jellyfish Stings (you might encounter jellyfish on some beaches)
  • Pocket-Sized Dictionary [Italian] (few people speak English in Palermo)
  • Fold-Up Umbrella (if you come in the winter months)
  • Camera (there will be a lot you want pictures of here)
  • Light Backpack (useful to carry everything on day trips of sightseeing)
  • Repellent for Mosquitos (especially annoying during the summer months)
  • Beach Towel (if you plan to enjoy the beaches during the summer)
  • Hiking Boots (if you intend to climb Mt. Etna or other mountainous areas)

What To Wear In Sicily

While geographically it looks like Italy kicked Sicily off of its boot shape, our fashion sense is second to none.

We are all born with a natural sense for fashionable things, and that has ultimately made it impossible for Sicilians not to judge a book by its cover.

Ultimately this has caused the normal behavior of Sicilians to care much more about what a person is wearing, even more than if they are a likeable or decent person.

There is a lot of forgiveness in the day time for fashion faux pas, but when the night arrives, you really have to look your best.

Apart from the dagger eyes you might get for dressing down for a night on the town, you can be denied entry into certain places for not being dressed appropriately.

To avoid looking like a frumpy tourist, let Don Tano tell you what to wear in Sicily to help you blend in with the locals.

For Men

Packing for Sicily is fairly easy if you are a man. You just have to follow a few simple (and easy to remember) rules and you’ll be fine.

☀️The daytime is perfect for your comfortable clothes and shoes, especially when you are out on walking tours of the city.

There is a certain style that is required at night though, so be mindful of this. Men are expected to make a good impression on the opposite sex, so you have to put in some effort to make sure you are presentable and dapper.

🌜For the nightlife scene, men should opt to go with long pants and long-sleeved shirts (typically cotton or linen of some sort). During the winter months, this should be coupled with a nice sweater or jacket to complete the ensemble. Sporty shoes are not liked at night, so pack some nice shoes to go out on the town in.

Outfit man in Palermo
Outfit man (day and night)

For Women

Sicilian women always are dressed to impress it seems like. You will see many Sicilian women scurrying all around the city streets in high heels (which I find impressive even to this day).

☀️During the day though, worry about being comfortable as you take advantage of some of the walking tours I’ve laid out.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, saving the elegance for after the sun goes down.

🌜Women are expected to be even more mindful than men about their attire choice when they are headed out to clubs and bars.

Outfit woman in Palermo
Outfit woman (day and night)

Here are some tips to help you to blend in a little better with the locals:

#1. Emphasize Your Curves

You should be comfortable here showcasing your legs and cleavage. Bear in mind that there is a line that can be crossed from confidence to distasteful.

Don’t be one of the “naked tourists” Sicilians are always complaining about, but accentuate your assets without going overboard.

#2. Heels, Heels, Heels

Always wear heels at night. Sicilian women wear heels in almost all circumstances, and you won’t see locals wearing flip flops or flats out. You wear flats to the pool or to the beach perhaps, but they are considered to be un-sexy to locals.

#3. Carry A Nice Bag

Italian women are usually seen with a nice leather handbag at night.

#4. Have Painted Nails

This is especially true during the summer, and that goes for both your fingers and toes. Chipped nail polish is a huge faux pa, so be sure to reapply as necessary.

#5. Don’t Overdo The Make Up And Jewelry

You don’t need to over-accessorize like you are decorating a Christmas tree to go out at night. Apply light makeup and a modest amount of jewelry for a nice, posh look.

So, to recap, you want comfortable clothes for your days and highly fashionable clothes for your nights here in Palermo.

If you have any questions about what you should bring, or what is suitable here, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will be sure to respond.



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