Manifesta 12: What You Need To Know

The capital of culture in 2018, Palermo, is honored to host one of the most prestigious art events in the world: Manifesta 12. Here is what you need to know about this important event.

Ciao all! It is Don Tano here again as your semi-official guide to all things Palermo. This is a special year because this year is less about the heat of the summer and the 👉refreshing beaches. No, this year the city streets will not be desolate through the hot months.

This summer, the city of Palermo will host herds of locals and visitors through the streets. Why, you ask? Because the prestigious Manifesta 12 is taking place here.

You might not even know what the event is, but fortunately for you, I am going to help you to completely understand just how important it actually is.

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What is Manifesta?

This European contemporary art event is held in a new city every two years. For 2018, the powers that be have chosen beautiful and cultured Palermo. Here, you will be able to see new artists, new ideas, new works of art (even some specifically commissioned for this event), and unique experiences specific to the host city.

This is a global event that will draw in crowds from all of the corners of the world, from the art connoisseur to the world traveler looking for some fun and excitement. The touring show began in the 1990s in Amsterdam in order to help enhance artistic and cultural exchanges following the conclusion of the Cold War.

Its original founder, Dutch historian Hedwig Fijen, continues to run the Manifesta. This, of course, is with the help of internationally renowned specialists. Every new addition is started up and fundraised individually.

Manifesta 12 will go on for a total of 4 and a half months, beginning at the 16th of June and continuing to the 4th of November. It will feature local artists as well as international architects and artists. An ever changing theme, this year’s focus will be “The Planetary Garden: Cultivating Coexistence”.

The garden itself is a metaphor for the diversity and cultural cross-pollination that defines the city of Palermo. As one of 👉the most conquered cities in history, Palermo was a hub of various cultures from the controlling entities throughout the last several thousand years struggling for control of this key port on the Mediterranean.

If you are coming to the area during this time, it would be difficult to miss Manifesta. I do not need to tell you everything about the event, because there is a website dedicated to telling you everything you could possibly want to know about it. If you still manage to have questions, reach out to me through the comment box.

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